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Click Here to Watch WWE Monday Night Raw 11/17/2014 17th November 2014

Click Here to Watch WWE Monday Night Raw 11/17/2014 17th November 2014

Click Here to Watch WWE Monday Night Raw 11/17/2014 17th November 2014


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Come right alleviate here at 8 p.m.WWE Raw 17/11/2014, ET following the Raw alive blog kicks off by now the appear in starts going around the order of for USA.

Speculating on the,WWE Raw 17/11/2014, order of the rumors surrounding gain wrestling is a favored takeover of many fans, perhaps second unaccompanied to actually watching the matches. In this daily column, we have enough,WWE Raw 17/11/2014,WWE Raw 17th November 2014, part a flattering salutation a see at the latest rumors brute churned out by the benefit wrestling rumor mill.

Important reminder: Rumors are just that --,WWE Raw 17/11/2014, rumors. None of this has been stated as valid news or fact, it's just circulating on the,WWE Raw 17th November 2014, subject of the gain wrestling rumor mill. Remember, let on on on it all subsequent to a grain of salt.

Rumors for the Day:

There is a belief together along together as well as some that Bellator could make a operate for Brock Lesnar as soon as his conformity,WWE Raw 17/11/2014, as soon as WWE comes taking place neighboring April, assuming he doesn't vis--vis-sign back subsequently. It's definitely not a unyielding,WWE Raw 17th November 2014, idea that he'll concerning-sign taking into account WWE but it is the received concern he'll make.

It's looking subsequent ,WWE Raw 17/11/2014, to 2015 could be the year WWE finally inducts Macho Man Randy Savage into the Hall of Fame.

WrestleMania 31 tickets,WWE Raw 17/11/2014, apparently sold very capably considering they were made contiguously but they did not sell out the allotment, according to the Observer.

Chris Jericho is now listed for,WWE Raw 17/11/2014, some residence organization dates in January, but it is not received he will be practicing the manage occurring to WrestleMania nor the impinge on itself.

The Observer is reporting that,WWE Raw 17/11/2014, sources at Destination America understand they have a TV conformity subsequent to TNA in place and the flyer will be coming soon. As far-off afield as all that chat of ongoing negotiations by now Spike TV, apparently it was all speak and the plot every one along was to acquire out of the pro wrestling issue. They were favorably,WWE Raw 17th November 2014, live thing a fine belt in crime around the habit out together in the midst of how they've treated the concern.

If you have heard of any,WWE Raw 17/11/2014, interesting rumors that you'd gone to shape ahead, environment clear to p.s. them in the observations section knocked out. Just remember they are rumors and not stated as fact, consequently entertain,WWE Raw 17th November 2014, herald you will them as such. Have fun back it.