HD-watch Family Guy Season 13 Episode 5 Turkey Guys Online. Here is another episode that will truly complete everyone’s nighttime. Family Guy comebacks with a fresh episode. Family Guy Season 13 Episode 5 will be hitting the screens on November 16, 2014 on FOX. Family Guy Season 13 Episode 5 is titled “Turkey Guys”. The episode title looks so exciting guys and I am sure the whole story is. So, do not miss this upcoming episode guys. This will certainly be an extraordinary episode!

Synopsis and summary here: In a drunken night of eating, Peter & Brian eat the Thanksgiving turkey so they are forced to go out in search of another bird. Meanwhile, in Peter's absence, Chris decides to become the man of the house.

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The story information: It's topical. It's edgy. It takes political correctness, wraps it in a paper bag and leaves it flaming on Mary Whitehouse's doorstep before ringing the doorbell and running away. Best of all, it's twelve different kinds of funny. Family Guy is comedy for all tastes. If you don't find it funny, there's probably something wrong with you. Or maybe you're just one of the people this clever little cartoon takes a pot shot at.

Come spend some time with the Griffins. Peter's the obnoxious, befuddled father. Lois is the loving mother. Son Chris is often confused, and daughter Meg is too smart for her own good. Speaking of smart, we'll all be in trouble if maniacal genius Stewie (the baby of the family) gets his way. Oh, and don't forget the martini-sipping mutt, Brian. (He talks so much, you couldn't forget him if you try.)

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